Drama.... Dream .... Difference

The aim of the Football Academy Noah is to give unprivileged children the opportunity to play football in poor communities where children simply do not have the possibility to play . It’s not easy for us to understand but for them that is reality.

With the money we raise - FAN will not only provide equipment like sportswear, balls and goalposts but also the necessary coaching to provide life skills. In a second stage we will give talented players the opportunity to develop their talents further.

We are working with 22 schools in the Mtubatuba region in Kwazulu Natal. Now 2500 boys and girls aged 14 years old and younger are participating in the Academy. This rural area is the second poorest in South Africa. At the same time it is an extremely beautiful place next to the Indian Ocean and close to the most breathtakingly beautiful wildparks in South Africa.

In order to run the project locally on a day by day basis we work with the organisation Dreamfields ( www.dreamfieldsproject.org ) which has been active for eight years; charity focused on football in South Africa.

FAN is a school based program which is has been running since May 2016. We are currently organising a “dreamevent” which brings 22 schools together in a tournament. A simply unforgettable experience for these children and their communities. The one we organised last July was a fantastic success.

Noah’s family was recently in South Africa and without any doubt we can confirm that FAN is making a real difference for the children of Mtubatuba. Every donation is well spent. Their smile says it all!

FAN is making Noah’s dream a reality!!!!!



Big thank you to the companies that support FAN


The laugh you get in return is gold


Wonderfull nature in St Lucia Bay


FAN in action


Noah in South Africa with his preferred animal


FAN in 22 schools


Wildlife is impressive