Drama ......  Dream ....... Difference




But who is Noah?


As you can see from the picture; Noah is a handsome young boy with blue eyes and a contagious disarming smile. A social boy of almost 17, he is full of energy and passionate about sport. His “first sport” is football but he also loves to snowboard, surf and fish. Having fun with his friends is what makes him happy.

But perhaps the most interesting thing about Noah - is that even at such a young age he clearly understands what injustice and inequality means and how it impacts peoples lives. This, he could simply not tolerate.

Recently Noah was in Lisbon, where he saw some people living in extreme poverty . He said  “One day when I am working and I earn lots of money, I want to use that money to help poor people and improve their living conditions.”


The last thing you need to know about Noah is his passion for travel. Of all his travels, South Africa, was his favourite place. Twice he discovered the beauty of this country and it’s people.

Noah is just like one of your own or one of your friend’s children; a young boy full plans, dreams and a passion to live.


Or better said HE WAS……..


On August 21 2015, Noah was cycling home from a trip to the cinema with one of his best friends when he was hit by a car, knocked from his bike and left for dead by an irresponsible driver. A few hours later he died in the hospital. Here starts our NIGHTMARE.


Suddenly everything was dark. The world like we knew does not exist anymore. Everybody who loved Noah was confronted with immense pain.

But all the people that loved him, continue to do so and want to ensure that his spirit and passion for life are kept alive . We want to realise his plans and make his dreams become a reality. And this is the DREAM.


After time and reflection we have found the power and energy to move forward and Noah’s father, Johan, has started the FAN (Football Academy Noah) project. Since it’s creation - Noah’s family, friends and many others continue to give their time and support to the project.

The objective of FAN is to give underprivileged children in South Africa the possibility to play and discover the passion of football and develop team spirit and life skills. But above all we want to give those kids a chance to play and a carefree smile.

This seems simple and logical for us; but the living conditions in Kwazulu natal are far from simple or logical. These children do not have kit, equipment, training or coaching……

That is where FAN wants to make a DIFFERENCE !


Would you like to help us in making that difference?




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